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Rottenella vs. Stefania

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Rottenella vs. Stefania Intr-adevar, Stefania este cea mai buna dansatoare din Lazy Town, dar in duelul cu Rottonella a trebuit sa recunoasca performanta acesteia si s-o considere un adversar redutabil. Rottonella este fata de companie robotizata a lui Roby putrezitul.

Chapter 20 Robbie’s Secret Weapon by tryniamerin

Meanwhile Captain Nimrod had crept after Robbie Rotten and tried to infiltrate their hideout. He was having trouble turning the crank to get down the pipe. Despite his elfish strength, the hatch had stuck. Nose twitching he smelled ozone and realized he had made a grave miscalculation. Seconds before the light flicked on, Nimrod leapt off and darted to the forward part of the billboard to hide from the intense beams. A loud shrilling alarm drilled into his ears.

“Curse it!” he growled. Immediately a periscope popped up, swinging around in the light. The hatch spun open and then someone pushed it up.

To his surprise it wasn’t Robbie or the Professor, but a girl dressed in a ballerina costume. Nimbly she leapt down and walked mechanically towards the front door hidden in the board. Nimrod pressed his hands to his ears that were burning with the shrill noise. However the girl was unfazed and swung her head left and right. In her back turned a large key, indicating she was some sort of automaton. Nimrod dashed away, sticking to the shadows.

“Rottenella! What’s going on out there!” came Robbie’s voice from down below.

“You want me to go after him or what, master?” Rottenella grunted, hands on her hips.

“Go after him! By all means!” came the voice of someone huffing as they climbed up and poked their head out. Robbie Rotten swung his gaze and hid his eyes in the blinding strobes.

“That way,” she nodded with a grim smile. However the key suddenly wound down, and she flipped over at the waist. Robbie cursed and slithered down the outside of the access pipe. Quickly he turned the key to wind her up yet again.

“I need to adapt you to use a BATTERY! But I’m too LAZY to buy how many that I’d need!” he lamented. Once she perked up, she marched after the retreating shadow. Robbie dashed after her, intent on finding out if it was Sportakook or the newcomer who had dared invade the sanctity of his lair.

“I can’t BELIEVE someone tried breaking in! Isn’t there some sort of HERO code against this?” he grumbled. Something trilled and Robbie stopped chasing Rottenella and slumped down in the shade of a tree. She had disappeared past the pools of light in the direction of the invader, and he hoped she was wound tightly enough to figure out who the culprit was.

“Hello!” Robbie shouted, pulling off a shoe. When the phone continued to ring, he wildly patted his pants and then pulled out the slender cell phone that the Professor had given him. “Hello? What?”

“I’ve just been using your periscope to track whoever it was. And I think our unwelcome guest is my old nemesis. The fact that the shape stopped when it heard the ultra high dog whistle proves it’s the Captain,” came the Professor’s voice.

“Rottenella’s after him,” Robbie panted. “What sort of HERO I ask you breaks into the villain’s lair! Is NOTHING sacred!”

“We’d better put plan C into action. You said that pink haired girl was special to Sportaclutz right? Well you and I can pay a visit to her while Rottenella keeps the Captain busy,” said the Professor.

“But what if she winds down?” Robbie groaned.

“My boy, leave the pink menace to me. You take care of the Captain. He doesn’t expect your methods, even if they are… different compared to mine. And once the Captain and the pink girl are indisposed…”

“Sportakook will HAVE to come rescue them! Brilliant!” Robbie laughed. Kissing the phone he clicked it off and then slinked off after Rottenella.

Robbie heard his phone ring again, and clicked the talk button. “Yes?” he asked.

“Master,” came Rottenella’s voice. “I’m right on the heels of our intruder! He’s very fast, but he reacted like a hurt dog to the security perimeter!”

“Get after him, Rottenella! Try and stop him till I get there!” Robbie laughed. He huffed, his heart pounding as he rushed in the direction of the phone signal. A beeping on the phone indicated where Rottenella was, and he thanked himself for being clever enough to have a tracer hidden in his creation’s robot body.

Meanwhile Rottenella pulled something from her skirt pocket. She saw the shape still holding his ears as he shot across the shadows of the night. Her own eyes were adapted for scanning and her ears adept at hearing the scrape of shoes and the low grunt of someone in pain. Raising the whistle to her lips she blew hard, and continued pirouetting after the Captain. Groaning he doubled up on his side to hear the shrilling directly behind him. A purple shape did a high kick and landed at his side. Rottenella kicked him over and then pushed the agonized woodland elf to the ground. Still kneeling hard on him she struggled to pin him, but he started to fight back.

Already the Professor puffed and huffed as he climbed out of the hideout. Tossing the capsule down, a small motorbike rose form the mist. He leapt on the conveyance and rode off towards the Mayor’s house. Bright lights strobed from around the town, and people who were still up were rubbing their eyes in annoyance. On the Mayor’s street a horn beeped and honked, stopping momentarily by Stephanie’s front door. When it shot past it circled around the street and then drove past a second time, beeping its horn again. One of the beams from Robbie’s lair flashed past the Mayor’s windows, and bounced off the mirror near Stephanie’s bed. She blinked awake, sitting upright in bed from the loud honking of a shrill bike horn and the luminous flicker blasting in her eyes..

“What the heck is that?” she wondered, rubbing her eyes. In the distance she heard what sounded like a motor scooter going past her house. Sliding out of bed she walked to the window and peered outside. In the distance searchlights were panning the sky, and she wondered when her Uncle had allowed someone to use them.

“Wait, that’s the direction of that billboard,” she realized. Something went off in her mind, and she debated pushing open the window. Still that motor scooter persisted as it whizzed by, and she hung her head out. A hefty shape was precariously balanced on it, and she realized it was the second or third time the rider had driven by on her street.

Something created a slight whizzing sound, and landed right in the bushes. Stephanie jumped back in shock. Tendrils of what appeared to be smoke shot up and drifted into her window. Choking she held her nose but the smoke intensified. A second object landed right next to her feet, also hissing. Stephanie leapt back, and then something shot around her on several sides. Woozy with the smoke from outside she collapsed on the floor on her side.

A gas masked face appeared behind the smoke, poking his head in the window. A portly body struggled to climb over the ledge. Unfortunately he got caught and toppled forwards inside Stephanie’s room. Once he picked himself up, the figure waddled over and dropped to one knee by Stephanie.

The door clicked, and the figure heard the voice of Mayor Meanswell calling, “Stephanie, are you all right! Did you hear that awful racket.”

“Curses,” Drekspatz grumbled, trying to pick up the girl in his arms. But he was not very strong enough, even to pick up a nine y ear old girl and had to settle for dragging her arms and pulling her towards the window. He tossed another capsule at the door and it popped open, releasing a plastic film that shot around the cracks of the door. As the Mayor tried to open it, the door stuck fast in a substance like taffy.

Bundling Stephanie over the ledge, he let her fall like a sack of potatoes, then heaved his bulky form overtop and landed next to her. Again he struggled to grab her, but a sharp blast of air whooshed against him.

“Stop right there!” shouted an Icelandic accented voice. Sportacus flipped up and over, landing right near the Professor trying to pick Stephanie up.

“Not you,” grumbled the masked figure, leaping back. He bolted and ran towards his scooter, apparently forgetting all about the girl Sportacus blocked his access too. Angrily Sportacus spanned his hands and arms, crouching on one leg to shield her.

“What are you doing to Stephanie! Leave her alone!” Sportacus shouted, darting between the man and the fallen girl. He reached for something in his pocket, but Sportacus whipped something out of his pack. The professor aimed the muzzle of a strange squat gun towards Sportacus, which fired a small capsule. As the capsule sailed towards Sportacus he hit the projectile with his tennis racket. Yelping the Professor dodged the smoke capsule whizzing back at him. When he tried firing another, Sportacus dodged forwards and hit that one back too.

“Curse you, you athletic freak!” the Professor shouted in German. Leaping on his cycle, he roared away in the night. Sportacus heard Stephanie moaning, and rushed back to lean over her. She seemed groggy laying there in the front yard, her body wrapped in a strange sticky mess of string. It reminded Sportacus of the party string that Trixie sometimes used to play jokes on people. As he tried to pull it off, it stuck fast.

“Don’t worry Stephanie, I’ll get you out of this,” Sportacus said. Listening at her mouth he heard the rasp of her breath, indicating she was just knocked out from a bomb much like what had hit them before. While he wanted to go after Drekspatz, his concern for Stephanie overrode that. Gently he picked up the girl and ran back into the house.

“Oh dear, oh DEAR!” Milford lamented as he saw Sportacus carrying his niece. “What happened!”

“Somebody broke in and knocked Stephanie out!” Sportacus panted. He gently lay her on the sofa. Mayor Meanswell seemed to be more worried then angry as he rushed over and leaned over the girl.

“Is she all right… how could this happen!”

“I don’t know. It wasn’t Robbie Rotten, it was someone else. She should be all right, but this is serious,” said Sportacus.

“Go after him then! I’ll call a doctor, and the police!” the mayor nodded. As Sportacus rushed off the Mayor shouted, “Sportacus!”


“Thank you,” said the Mayor, pulling out a cell phone from his robe pocket and dialing it as he leaned near his niece.

“You’re welcome!” Sportacus smiled. Apparently the Mayor was no longer angry with him with that thankful expression on his jovial face.


“Get OFF me!” grunted the Captain. He pushed up, knocking the robotic girl off him and darting towards the trees. This dislodged the whistle from her lips and she tumbled over and sat up blinking in surprise.

“You won’t get away,” she said, leaping quickly to her ballet toes. Nimrod raised his crossbow, fitting a bolt to it as he aimed towards her.

“I don’t attack ladies, but you’re no lady, you mechanical toy,” he said, voice tight with pain. Still his ears rung from that blasted whistle she had pulled on him. For once he cursed his elfish sense of hearing.

“Give me your best shot, gramps,” Rottenella taunted. A bolt shot forwards, whizzing past her. But she leapt to the side. Another slew of bolts shot close to her, meaning to pin her to the wall, but only one snagged her tutu and knocked her back. Rottenella sailed backwards, landing flat against the nearest house. As he fitted another bolt, Nimrod did not notice Robbie Rotten creeping around the side of a building.

“No you don’t, you hood!” Robbie shouted. He reached for a small object in his pocket, and aimed it at the other hero. It telescoped into a large blunderbuss which Robbie tucked into his shoulder and aimed.

Nimrod’s ear twitched but he still let the bolt fly. This time it snagged the other side of her tutu, pinning her more firmly to the house. But Rottenella seemed unfazed as she jerked her body in an attempt to pull the bolts out. Simultaneously Robbie fired his bizarre weapon, and a goopy mess shot out the front hitting the woodland elf in the side of his face. It smelled like lemons and bananas, and caked to the side of his hat and coat.

“You think that’s going to stop me?” Nimrod blinked. Robbie cackled and pulled the trigged again, barely managing to hit the hero with another round. Most of the goop landed in the grass.

“No, but this will!” Robbie laughed, firing again. Nimrod shook his head, then suddenly slipped in the stuff Robbie had missed hitting him with. Landing clumsily the woodland elf suddenly felt another splotch of the mess hit him point blank in the face. To his horror he tasted sugar, and struggled to spit it out.

“Ahahah, you’re just like Sportakook!” Robbie laughed, leaping up and down as the captain started to convulse and thrash. Nimrod felt himself blacking out as he crashed from the infusion of sugar.

“Why you…” he spluttered, then his eyes fluttered shut and his body went limp. Laughing maniacally, Robbie Rotten danced up to Rottenella and struggled to pull the bolts that pinned her like a butterfly to the wall.

“Oh I’m BRILLIANT! To think there are TWO health nuts who are allergic to SUGAR! It’s a dream come TRUE!” Robbie howled with delight. Rottenella blinked, clearly unimpressed as he freed her from the wall and she stiffly jerked her arms and legs to move them.

“What took you so long, master?” she asked, glaring at him. Just then the key in her back stopped turning, and she doubled over. Robbie slid his arm under her waist and dragged her off after him, chuckling maniacally as he blew a raspberry at Nimrod.

“Who’s the man!” Robbie crowed, shaking his fist in the air. He then stopped, setting Rottenella down. Flicking his head from side to side he suddenly whirled around.

“Wait a minute what am I doing? If this archery do-gooder is a friend of Sportakooks, that means he’ll do anything to save him. Who needs the pink girl when I have this Robin Hood reject?” Robbie asked. He turned back to Rottenella and started to wind her again. After all she could help him drag the other elf back to his lair so he could figure out what to do next. Soon with Rottenella’s reluctant help, Robbie tugged the Captain back by his cape towards the billboard.

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