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Ferma animalelor in America

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Ferma animalelor in America
Alăturaţi-vă lui Scarlett, adevarata stea din Farm Frenzy 3, ea pune roboţi să lucreze pe terenul său. Poţi să ţi pasul cu cele mai recente descoperiri în tehnologie in timp ce cresti culturile, hranesti animalele, colectezi productia şi fabrici bunuri?
Desigur, poţi! Doar nu lasa caraghiosii nou aparuti sa-ti distrage atenţia de la sarcinile la îndemână. Dispunând de toate 90 nivelurile te vei distra cum niciodată înainte n-ai facut-o cu noi caractere, clădiri şi provocări, Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie promite o recolta de distracţie.

Te-ai incurcat si nu mai sti ce ai de facut? Iata cateva sfaturi simple:
* The in-game tutorials are very good in the Farm Frenzy series, but here are a few “pro tips” they don’t cover.

* The Farm Frenzy series has an unusual title sequence: Farm Frenzy, Farm Frenzy 2, Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party, Farm Frenzy 3, Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie. This guide is for the fifth one, the one which introduces Robots.

* Here’s the most important tip for slower clickers—you can use upgrades you’ve bought later in the game to go back and replay earlier levels where you didn’t get Gold. In particular, slower clickers will appreciate having a better Bear Cage even on the earliest levels.

* When you replay a level, you earn new level stars you can use in the Shop. So if a level earns 150 stars when you complete it and you play it 3 times, you’ll earn 450 stars.

* Even if you replay a level many times, the game always give you credit for your best score. So if you earn Gold on a level and then you replay it slowly to earn a particular trophy, you’ll still have credit for having gotten Gold on that level.

* It’s best to play the levels in numerical order, even if another level opens up on a side street.

* It’s also best to wait to play the Endless Mode until you’ve completed at least the first 75 levels of the story mode and you’ve bought all of the Shop Upgrades.

* You can click on a machine and it will start producing about twice as fast. However, it will also start to overheat!

* Watch the red line on the machine gauge, and stop clicking when it is about 3/4 of the way up. If the red line gets all the way to the top, the machine will explode! It will cool down again once you stop clicking.

* On several levels the only way to get Gold is to click some of the machines to make them run faster.

* Upgraded machines not only process more inputs, they also complete a cycle faster. So even if you only have one input, an upgraded machine will help you finish faster.

* The smaller the animal, the more grass it eats and the faster it dies when water it not available. It is often better to sell Turkeys when you are low on water. Even if you have to buy them back later, you will be able to keep the larger animals alive longer.

* When you want to sell livestock, click on the truck, then look at the far right column. That shows you how many animals you currently have. Click on the “1” next to an animal to sell one. You will see them loaded on to the truck.

* Time stops while you are looking at the truck screen or the helicopter screen.

* The truck and the helicopter carry things in crates, and cannot mix items of different types in the same crate. So if you have a crate that already has 1 Egg in it, you can only add Wool if you have room for one more crate.

* Usually it’s best to load the most expensive items first, buying or selling.

* Different items are available from the helicopter on different levels, so it’s a good idea to check it at the beginning of each session to see what options you will have. Sometimes you’ll be able to buy items you would normally produce on the farm, like Eggs or Cakes.

* Items bought from the helicopter usually cost twice what you can sell them for, but there are some exceptions.

* Sometimes buying an item from the helicopter saves you money. For example, if you only need one Milk and it’s available from the helicopter for $2,000, that’s cheaper than buying a Cow for $10,000.

* Sometimes buying an item from the helicopter saves you time. For example, if you only have one Cow and you need ten Milks and they’re available from the helicopter, it will be faster to buy them than waiting for your Cow to produce them.

* When you have a sequence of things to do and you don’t have enough money to upgrade everything to the maximum level, it’s usually best to make a pyramid so that there are more inputs earlier in the sequence. That way you always have enough to keep everything going at maximum. For example, suppose you have to make 3 Cheeses quickly. If you have limited funds, you should buy 4 Cows, upgrade the Curd Factory to level 3, and the Cheese Factory to level 2. Then when you get more money, upgrade the Cheese Factory to 3 also.

* When you have a money goal in Career Mode, it just means you have to have that much money at some time during the level. It does not mean you have to end up with that much money. This is especially important on levels where you also have to buy a lot of things.

* Say you have a money goal of $3,000 and you have to buy 25 Turkeys. It is usually better to make the $3,000 first, then buy the Turkeys. Otherwise if you make $2,500 and immediately buy the Turkeys, you’ll have to make another $3,000 to make the money goal. Understanding this is the difference between Silver and Gold on several levels.

* When you are in Career Mode, if a goal requires you to have a certain number of animals, you must have that many all at the same time, but once you’ve made the goal you don’t have to keep the animals. So if the goal calls for “25 turkeys,” you must get 25 turkeys at one time, but then you can sell 20 of them right away.

* When you are in Career Mode, if a goal requires you to have a certain number of products, you get the entire level to acquire them and you DON’T have to have them all at one time. So if you have a goal for “25 Cookies,” you can make the first 5 cookies, then immediately use them to make Cakes, make the second set of 5 cookies, and you’ll see goal counter go from 5 to 10 for Cookies.

* When you are in Career Mode you have to have the animals all at once, but you can get the products a few at a time. (In Endless Mode, the rules for product goals are the same as the rules for animal goals.)

* Robots follow the same rules as animals, even though you can either buy them from the top of the screen or make them in a factory. So the goal says “3 Robots,” you must have 3 at one time to make the goal.

* Near the beginning when you have extra stars for the Shop buy the upgrade license for the faster truck and stronger Bear cage.

* Bears a problem? Get the strongest cage and better Dogs.

* Some other issues may also be helped by optional upgrades. If your animals are producing, but you are losing items before you can pick them up, upgrade the Cats and the warehouse.

* Slower clickers will want to upgrade the Cats to maximum. This will significantly reduce the number of physical clicks you have to make on levels where you use the Cats.

* The Dogs are more problematic. When you upgrade them, you get more Dogs who will chase Bears off the farm. That does save you physical clicks, but there are many levels where you want to capture Bears so you can sell them, so you end up racing your own Dogs. Slower clickers may prefer to leave the Dogs at the lower level in the Shop until you’re ready to earn the trophy for having all upgrades.

* Once you’ve upgraded the Cats and Dogs in the Shop, you will always get the upgraded version when you buy Cats and Dogs on a level.

* When you upgrade buildings or vehicles in the Shop, you’re just getting a license to be able to buy those upgrades in the levels. You always start out with the slowest truck, for example.

* When you come to a crossroads, you may unlock more than one level. Look for the one with the next higher number for the best play.

* You can buy the right to additional upgrades in the Shop. Some upgrades will be required and some will be optional.

* Slower clickers will want to buy the faster truck, better Bear cage, bigger warehouse, smarter cats, and maximum well (automatic waterer) in order to help reduce clicks required.

* However, the automatic waterer has both good and bad points. It’s good because it saves clicks, but it’s bad because it means grass will be planted near the top of the screen, so the Bears (who always fall in the top half) will fall closer to grazing animals. So only use it when you really need it.

* Recommended upgrade schedule for the optional upgrades in the Shop:

* Before Level 5: Buy the first cage upgrade.

* Before Level 8: Buy the first truck upgrade and the first warehouse upgrade.

* Before Level 11: Buy the first helicopter upgrade.

* Before Level 20: Buy the second truck upgrade.

* Before Level 28: Buy the second helicopter upgrade and the second warehouse upgrade.

* Before Level 34: Buy the maximum well upgrade so you can get an automatic waterer.

* Before Level 39: Buy the maximum Cat upgrade.

* Before Level 42: Buy the maximum truck upgrade and the maximum helicopter upgrade.

* Before Level 43: Buy the first Mega Cake Bakery upgrade. This is one level before it will be a required upgrade.

* Before Level 60: Buy the maximum warehouse upgrade and the maximum Cat upgrade if you haven’t already.

* Names for the machines in the Assembly cycle vary during the game. The Minerals that the Robots collect go through a three-machine cycle. The first machine turns a Mineral into an Ingot (looks like a small metal brick). The second machine turns the Ingot into a Gear. The third machine turns the Gear + a city-bought Blueprint into a manufactured item, like a Tractor.

* The three machines in the Assembly cycle are first called the Forge (makes Ingots), the Foundry (makes Gears), and the Assembly Factory.

* Then on some higher levels, the Foundry is called the Decoration Factory, which seems to be a leftover from earlier titles in the series, but it’s the same machine producing the same output.

* Also, on some higher levels, the Assembly Factory is given the name of whatever it produces, like Tractor Factory. But again it’s the same machine producing the same outputs.

* Forge and Foundry sound similar, and it’s easy to get them confused. It helps to remember that the first machine in the cycle is shorter than the second machine in the cycle, so Forge comes before Foundry.

* There are many different ways to solve most levels. Our walkthrough provides solutions that should get Gold for most players, including slower clickers.

Level 1

* Time goal: Gold: 1:00 Silver: 2:00

* Money goal: 0

* Products goal: 6 Eggs

* Stars earned: 25, +75 Gold, +0 Silver

* Start with: $500, 1 free Turkey.


* Buy 4 more Turkeys ($400).

* Plant 5 patches of grass. From now, plant grass as needed.

* Click on the tutorial tips to make them disappear.

* You should make gold easily.

Restul de 90 de nivele sunt descrise aici.

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